I like to draw things for other people...if you like what you've seen, get in touch and we'll talk!


I illustrated an 80 page book for Knit and Destroy, published by Cabin Creative 2013.
More details here

Private commission

postcard for Indietracks festival 2012

'Don't Mind Me'
ink on skateboard section
for an exhibition 2012

Shirt for the House (the one on the left), original artwork can be seen here.

shirt for Legacy Skate Store, original artwork can be seen here

Christ on a Bike! shirt for Superdead Skateboards

Zarosh 'Log Off' deck for Death Skateboards
Dave Allen 'Death From Above' deck for Death Skateboards
'Preserver' & 'Don't Tread...' decks for Consolidated Skateboards

'KNIT CONQUERED THE WORLD' exhibition flyer for Knit & Destroy

Wraparound cover for issue 6 of Sugar Paper Zine
Cover illustrations for Sugar Paper Zine's 'Pocket Book Guide' series
'Summer Fete' print advert for Knit & Destroy