07 March, 2014


This issue:

HUNGER: 20 page story about a hermit's hunting trip which soon descends into psychedelic calamity and madness!

TREPAN-NATION: 10 page rhyming story about a would-be suicide who finds solace and enlightenment with a mad doctor!

Plus a coupla single page strips about the meaning of irony and tough aliens in snazzy shoes!

36 page A5 comic
Fully risographed throughout
2 colour card cover, b/w innards
signed/numbered edition of 50

All content written and drawn by me...open mind encouraged.

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06 March, 2014

'Self Medicate' Benson deck for Death- OUT NOW!

I did a couple more decks for Death Skateboards a few months ago...this one's just been released...another still to come.  This one's for everyone's favourite Scottish stoner, Benson!
Go hassle your local skateshop!!!

 Here's the original sketchbook image, alongside the finished product.

In other news, TINNITUS comic #2 will be released later today.
Currently enjoying Morbid Angel's 'Blessed Are The Sick' b/w Bad Brains' 'Rock For Light'.