03 October, 2013

'In My Headache' aka Adam Moss Death Deck out now!

Adam Moss has a new deck out on Death Skateboards, featuring artwork by...me.  Here it is:

For those interested here are some process shots:
Initial teeny thumbnail sketch

Developed the sketch into a more 'board looking' sketch

Inked all the blacks (there is a final pencil stage, but I can't find it!)

As I knew this would be coloured digitally, I decided to draw and ink the colour separations individually, in order to keep computer usage to a minimum (this is kinda how it works when something gets screen printed aka 'back in the day stuff').  These were all then scanned and assembled in photoshop.

...and here's how it looked when I'd finished.  In my head it was always gonna be 80s looking, harking back to the days of Zorlac, Brand X etc etc, and, old printed matter, which for the most part used a colour pallette made up of Cyan Magenta Yellow and blacK (different colours can be achieved by varying the opacity (see-thru-ness) of a layer and laying it over another, like the bits of purple that occur here).

Oh, the deck is called 'Headache'.  I get migraines, so that was the initial inspiration, and also the Poison Idea song 'In My Headache'.

Cheers fer looking, now go and buy the damn thing from your local skater owned shop!!!

I'm looking for a cure, but where I'm standing,
It looks like another one, nothing but bad things,Nothing but emptiness, a hit and run life wont take you nowhere,Nothing but bad dreams, a screaming image running around,Don't ask me again cause you know what I said,It hurts, in my headache, in my headache,I tell it to go away, but it plans to stay,I don't want to play dead, it hurts,My headache, my head, in my headache it fucking hurts,And everybody's fucking everyone else,Cut themselves scar their feelings put on a shelf,Then look in the mirror, see your reflection, but can you see yourself,In your head you hear, a screaming image running around.

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