22 July, 2013

...getting there.

...the second issue proper of my comic 'Tinnitus' has been underway for a while, but it seems like it's nearly there.  Two more pages to pencil and ink for the main story, called 'Hunger' at this moment in time, which'll run at about 20 pages, then there's another 10 (maybe 11?) page story which I mentioned a few posts back (already inked n scanned, phew), and probably a couple of one pagers.  The cover'll probably be risograph, maybe 2 or 3 colour (still yet to draw).

Oh, and I should have another skate graphic coming out, not sure exactly when...outta my hands!

Anyway, here are some previews of the comic (which i have been posting over on instagram, at the neglect of this blog!  @BenLCooney  if you have a fancy phone)

(This last one's not from the story in the comic, it's just a one-shot spacey illustration I did fer the helluvit)

21 July, 2013

A coupla recent illustration projects...

I illustrated a whole book for Knit and Destroy, which is out now in all good bookshops...or you can do yourself a huge favour and buy it direct at www.knitanddestroy.co.uk (you get free bonus goodies I do believe!).  A pleasure to work on.  I kept the illustrations pretty simple...the products in the photographs were of course, the main focus.

I also got to caricature Knit and Destroy herself, Kandy Diamond, as she pops up throughout the book offering handy advice...she hot!

Sugar Paper Zine asked me to design a temporary tattoo for Issue 11...I said 'YES!' of course...here it is...you can buy this little slab of awesome at sugarpaper.bigcartel.com