19 February, 2013

"Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death"

Wow...6 months since I last wrote here...SLACKER.  (But my day job does tend to get in the way of my mental capabilities...but, I digress.)

Firstly, THANKS to all who have bought comix lately...the Manchester Zine Fair crowd in particular.  Everything's still available for purchase at http://www.benjamincooney.bigcartel.com

So what have I been upto...well, I've been illustrating a real cool book project, that I can't really talk about until it's out, so that's enough of that.  I went to Austin, Texas and Amsterdam, you should too.  Oh, and I've started on Tinnitus #2, here's some progress shots...

...the world's OLDEST comic shop is in Amsterdam...go there!!!

 I have one of those jazzy phones now as well...so if instagram is your bag: @benlcooney

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