20 August, 2012

This is NOT the new issue of TINNITUS...

...but it is a new mini-comic by myself entitled "Papa, Let's Eat More!"

A7 mini-comic that unfolds to reveal A4 poster.

A father and son take a trip...earthly delights...celestial visions...birth...death...

Blue risograph print on cream paper.
Signed and numbered edition of 106.
Comes with bonus "this is NOT the new issue of TINNITUS" card.

There is a punchline element to the comic, so if you don't wanna spoil it for yourself, don't look too hard!

Go to the SHOP to get one!

(ps there is a rumour that PLEMPLEM in Germany will be putting the poster image on shirts soon!)

09 July, 2012

"Goose Freight Train"

The good-gals at Sugar Paper asked me to knock up a 'colour-in-able' postcard for their 'Postcards from Indietracks' workshop at the Indietracks festival, which just happened this weekend.  So there it is below (click on it to see the detail, duh), pen and ink as per...
(click on it to see the detail, duh), pen and ink as per...

23 April, 2012

What have a black cat, a stripper and a pervert got in common..?

I've been working on TINNITUS no.2 lately, not sure exactly when it'll be out...for now though, you can look at these:
'Don't Mind Me...'
ink on skateboard section

The piece above was done for this:
I think it's still up, go take a look.

...it was a mate's birthday the other day, this was his card from me:

...and here's a panel from a short strip I finished the other day (this'll probably be in TINNITUS no.2):

05 February, 2012

Eye Flys...

Here's a page from the next issue of TINNITUS...tentatively titled TINNITUS No.2...
...if anyone can correctly guess the song that's referenced throughout the strip, I'll come and build you an eco-friendly concrete bunker for the ensuing nuclear war that I keep dreaming about...

I've also just finished a poster/strip for Shape And Situate: Posters of Inspirational European Women #3...here's a sneak at it...