01 September, 2011


First issue proper of TINNITUS comic...get it here!
All drawn by me.
Stories about schizoid siblings, old friends, cruddy jobs, coffee, hippies, german psyche bands...

A5 comic.
24 heavyweight black, white & grey printed pages plus card cover.
Comes wrapped in a handpressed linoprint dustjacket.
Signed & numbered edition of 108.

FREE issue zero with every order!

AAAAAND...the first FIVE web orders I receive will also receive an alternative screenprint/ink dustjacket...these are closer to the original jacket I had in mind, before I jumped aboard the goodship linoleum...(you'll still get the proper dustjacket as well).

If you don't have paypal or whatever, email me and we'll sort summat out...and if you're lucky enough to have a shop and want to stock TINNITUS, get in touch and we'll do some wholesale!!!

Oh yeah, I made this neato video preview...it's almost like you're in a shop having a flick through fer yourself...oooohhh ahhhhhh!!!

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