01 June, 2011


...and now CHRIST ON A BIKE ON A T-SHIRT (drawn by me).

The excellent Superdead Skateboards wanted to pay homage to that most wonderful of exclaimations (sic)...the one you use when nothing else will do (well maybe "F*CKIN' SPIDERS!")...and they thought I was the pen for the job (wasn't he in the bible too?)

The shirt is featured in Superdead's new catalogue of goodies (which also features other radical scribblers) and can be seen

The catalogue also celebrates the release of Andy Scott's and Eddie Belvedere's first pro-models for the 'dead (as well as a guest boards for Fred Muthafuckin' Gall, Jimmy Boyes, Div Adam and Ben Schroeder!)...stoked to be a part of it!

Now go demand it at your local shop!!!

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