21 February, 2011

...news on TINNITUS no.1

I think the guts of TINNITUS no.1 is together...the skin not so...the whole thing'll need birthing too...more soon...for now stare at the preview panel above...maybe even hazard a guess at what's goin' on...who knows?

issue zero still available (for less than a cost of a stamp and an envelope)...you can also read it for absolutely NOTHING if you hit the little COMICS cloud up above...but wouldn't you like to touch it?

07 February, 2011

"...Set the controls for the ♥ of the Sun."

Click it to enlarge it.
This week I've been 'assembling' TINNITUS issue1...my next bit of news might even be a preview of what's gonna be inside it!

But alas, today I started doodling at the breakfast table and couldn't leave...(see above)...having read one of her most recent blog posts, I hereby dedicate the above illustration to Ms Seleena Laverne Daye...(psst, you can read her excellent post by clicking her name!).