12 December, 2011

...Hyacinth House b/w Send Me a Postcard.

Dan asked me to if I wanted to draw a new House shirt...I said "YEAH!"...here it is:

For those not in the know, the House is Sheffield's indoor skatepark, which has been around for over a decade...and is located in one of the city's more 'seedier' areas....

Here's one of the actual shirts next to Dan's extravaganza of line! Both can be bought in their shop. Dark blue ink on white shirts.

I also drew a piece for a fundraising exhibition in Manchester which ended last friday...the work had to be postcard size (the exhibition being called '5.8 by 4.1'), here that is also........

19 September, 2011

"..let me hide myself in thee..."

After some seriously tough times up in Teesside, original Death twins Ronny & Danny Calow decided it was time to get things back on track...LEGACY skatestore is up and running.
They asked me to draw a shirt for 'em...here t'is...

01 September, 2011


First issue proper of TINNITUS comic...get it here!
All drawn by me.
Stories about schizoid siblings, old friends, cruddy jobs, coffee, hippies, german psyche bands...

A5 comic.
24 heavyweight black, white & grey printed pages plus card cover.
Comes wrapped in a handpressed linoprint dustjacket.
Signed & numbered edition of 108.

FREE issue zero with every order!

AAAAAND...the first FIVE web orders I receive will also receive an alternative screenprint/ink dustjacket...these are closer to the original jacket I had in mind, before I jumped aboard the goodship linoleum...(you'll still get the proper dustjacket as well).

If you don't have paypal or whatever, email me and we'll sort summat out...and if you're lucky enough to have a shop and want to stock TINNITUS, get in touch and we'll do some wholesale!!!

Oh yeah, I made this neato video preview...it's almost like you're in a shop having a flick through fer yourself...oooohhh ahhhhhh!!!

11 August, 2011

Adventures in screen printing...

The comic, aka TINNITUS No.1, has been printed now...I have a hundred copies sitting right here next to me...now if you've read ISSUE 0, you'll recall that each issue of No.1 was to have a screenprinted dustjacket, hand pulled by yours truly...when...
(click it bigger)

...now, I'm not usually one fer giving in...and I'm not gonna release this thing without some form of hand finished cover...so I sat and I sat...deflated...and to cheer myself up I did what I often do...I look at art that I dig...a lot of OLD art...old art that happened to be HANDPRINTED..."these dudes didn't have emulsions...exposure units...mesh counts...they had a block of wood, a tool, some ink, and some paper..."

...now the wood may have been replaced by linoleum...but essentially it's the same 2000 year old process...and lots of back to front thinking.

So, hopefully, ISSUE No.1 will be with you shortly...and even more hopefully, it will be wrapped up in a hand-printed linocut dust jacket...but who knows, in a week or so I might just be drawing 'ADVENTURES in LINO PRINTING' with the ghost of Frans Masereel carving my face off...watch this space.

15 July, 2011

Salute of the SLUGGER...

...ze boys at SLUGGER are holding their annual skatecomp down the local park soon...here's a poster I done for it...click on it if you would like to see it bigger!

Oh, and come to the comp...bring beer!

04 July, 2011

23 June, 2011

Frankie "Fists" Johnson...

(click it big if you cain't read it...)

01 June, 2011


...and now CHRIST ON A BIKE ON A T-SHIRT (drawn by me).

The excellent Superdead Skateboards wanted to pay homage to that most wonderful of exclaimations (sic)...the one you use when nothing else will do (well maybe "F*CKIN' SPIDERS!")...and they thought I was the pen for the job (wasn't he in the bible too?)

The shirt is featured in Superdead's new catalogue of goodies (which also features other radical scribblers) and can be seen

The catalogue also celebrates the release of Andy Scott's and Eddie Belvedere's first pro-models for the 'dead (as well as a guest boards for Fred Muthafuckin' Gall, Jimmy Boyes, Div Adam and Ben Schroeder!)...stoked to be a part of it!

Now go demand it at your local shop!!!

27 April, 2011

"Black tear falling on my lazy queen..."

"...got a tattooed tit, say no.13."

19 April, 2011

"Here's a wagon..."

"...get on in..."

14 April, 2011

INK for AID...25th April, Leeds

As you all know, Japan needs all the help she can get right now...and luckily some bighearted folk in Leeds decided to get organazized.

"In the wake of the recent disaster in Japan, a community of local artists and promoters from all over Yorkshire have been moved to work together in order to raise some money and awareness in support of the people most affected by one of the biggest earthquakes in the history of our planet.

Artists from all over the world are donating work to the cause which will be available to buy at the aucton; view work and details here: www.facebook.com/INKforAID

All the profits to Save the Children, working directly to support children orphaned and families devastated by the crisis in Japan."

I am honoured to be a part of this. Here is my piece for the exhibition/auction: "hands..."
ink on preloved skateboard
22 x 83cm
signed & dated edition of 1

Get yersens down and do some bidding for the greater good...

30 March, 2011


...hit a pothole a few weeks back which threw a bit of a spanner, nay, a whole spanner, in the works at TINNITUS...I think it's been removed and the pothole filled...what you see above is a panel from another story which should see the light of real (not digital) day sometime soon...feast your eyes, fill your bellies, digest, pass wind...sleep.

21 February, 2011

...news on TINNITUS no.1

I think the guts of TINNITUS no.1 is together...the skin not so...the whole thing'll need birthing too...more soon...for now stare at the preview panel above...maybe even hazard a guess at what's goin' on...who knows?

issue zero still available (for less than a cost of a stamp and an envelope)...you can also read it for absolutely NOTHING if you hit the little COMICS cloud up above...but wouldn't you like to touch it?

07 February, 2011

"...Set the controls for the ♥ of the Sun."

Click it to enlarge it.
This week I've been 'assembling' TINNITUS issue1...my next bit of news might even be a preview of what's gonna be inside it!

But alas, today I started doodling at the breakfast table and couldn't leave...(see above)...having read one of her most recent blog posts, I hereby dedicate the above illustration to Ms Seleena Laverne Daye...(psst, you can read her excellent post by clicking her name!).

31 January, 2011

"...here comes your man."

It was my little brother's birthday yesterday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!)...for which I drew him this card. No particular reference point, no particular inspiration, apart from that he likes big scary stuff...but looking at it now, I wonder how many times this 'image' has appeared in comicbook form...a lot I'da thought...(I've also just realised the visuals and titles for this and my last post have recurring themes...oohhh SPOOKY!)

Regular visitors (if such a being exists) will also notice that there're some new little 'features' on this here space of mine...namely, the little tabs at the top of the page...just thought I'd make it a bit easier for you to look around at what I've done...and new visitors won't know the difference! Click away!

p.s. I hope Kim Deal smiles forever.............................

24 January, 2011

"...I'm gonna be your man."

Sketchbook 24.01.11
Click it to see the big ANIMATED version!

Oh...and go see Black Swan.