16 October, 2010

Now in terrifying 3D!

Seeing as Knit & Destroy is 'going to the movies' next week (see post below)...I thought it only fair to drag the flyer illustration kicking and screaming into the terrifying space we know as...the THIRD DIMENSION!!! So grab your 3D specs cuz it works a treat! (Probably best to click the image and see it in it' fullsize glory!)

...And in other news...It was my dear ol' Dad's birthday last weekend, for which I drew him this slammin' can of Cooney's Brew...Extra Strength of course!!!

Oh, and TINNITUS issue zero is pretty much ready to print...so it should be with you real soon! So while you wait...why not sit back, relax and let Mr Banhart tell you how I feel...

1 comment:

smellison said...

love Love LOVE the flyer!!!