27 September, 2010

"...I don't want to complain, but i find the world insane..."

I've started work on the cover for ISSUE ZERO of TINNITUS...which is, for those who haven't read the posts below, a comic drawn and soon to be released by, me...

Here's a little sneak at a panel from one of the strips...
(click it to see it bigger)

16 September, 2010

06 September, 2010

"An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day..."

As mentioned a few moons agon in the very first utterance on here, I've had some board graphics in the pipeline for Death Skateboards for a little while...well, the first one is now OUT..........and I am S-T-O-K-E-D!

Zarosh - LOG OFF (click it to enlarge)

Now do yourself a favour and get off the internet and go outside...

03 September, 2010

"OD'd on Life Itself..."

(click it to see it bigger if you wish)

Brought to you by the addictive sounds of (the) Blue Oyster Cult...