19 July, 2010

"There's a black smoke rising Lord..."

I've been busy the past couple of weeks helping the wonderful SugarPaper'Zine do yet a few more things...namely...

...Cover illustrations for their "A pocket-book guide to..." series which they have just made (you should be able to buy them in their
shop pretty soon...).

Covers baby!

(click to get a better look)

Clockwise from topleft:
"I am Sew Cool!" (a pocket-book guide to...sewing.)
"Life's a Stitch!" (a pocket-book guide to...cross-stitch.)
"Show me your Knits!" (a pocket-book guide to...knitting.)
"Get Knotted!" (a pocket-book guide to...embroidery.)

...Illustrations inside said guides to accompany the tool lists and instructions...

Where's your TOOL?!
The screenprinting sesh mentioned in my previous post was also a success...

Bags o' Bags!

...they too should be available on the SugarPaper shop pretty soon too...you could keep checking their news-page as well.

Those of you who are avid readers of
Knit & Destroy will no doubt have read that I am working on a comic...(most probably) called TINNITUS...more soon!

These words and pictures were mainlined to you with the aid of
Spacemen 3.

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