02 July, 2010

"Go to her..."

The new Knit & Destroy website (which I had a big albeit prehistoric layman hand in creating) is now up...go there now...I also illustrated (and stuck together) this ad for K&D for the new issue of NudeMagazine, which relaunches next week...go buy it when it comes out...


(click it to get a better look)

Supa-knitta Kandy (aka Knit & Destroy) is also one half of the SugarPaperGang who put out ubercraftzine...SugarPaper...well anyways, this weekend the SPG are coming over for a screenprinting party (just think TV Party by Black Flag, but with "screenprint" instead of "TV"...works a treat! Holy shit...I've never seen that video...chills on spine...check! Now where's my beer?!?!), where we're all gonna knock out some hand-screened SPG bags for the masses...fotos next week!

These words and pictures were flown to you on the wings of Jefferson Airplane...

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