28 November, 2010

"...simple stuff."

I'm glad people have been diggin' the TINNITUS...if you haven't picked one up already, follow the little link to the right...or get yourself to one of the fine establishments listed a coupla posts ago.

I've been working away on the first issue proper for the past week or two...all I can say is...be patient...hopefully it'll come good and you'll see it as some sort of reward....

Speaking of patience...my original plan was to release or 'upload' ISSUE-0 on here when ISSUE-1 is born into the real world of physical things...so that any of you that haven't had a copy can see inside it...but that may happen sooner...

I'll also be posting some snippet preview stuff on here as I'm working on ISSUE-1 too...

For now though...here's a sketchbook entry drawn last night while waiting for something to happen...no scan, just a photo...PEACE

09 November, 2010

"...Feed your head..."

UberCRAFTzine SUGAR PAPER are putting together issue number SIX of '20 things to make & do' as we 'speak'...and they kindly asked your mumble narrator to illustrate the cover...big shoes to fill considering superdoodler BUNNY BISSOUX did a helluva job of number 5...

Now, seeing as quilting is a thing to make and do in the zine, I decided on a quilted (front & back) cover...and in amongst the obviously crafty paraphernelia featured on the panels, you may also viddy a few subtle references to the roaring Jefferson Airplane...(Grace Slick...sigh...swoon...)

SUGAR PAPER no.6 '20 things to make & do' is being launched this Sunday (14th Nov.) at 'We Can Quilt It'...which is taking place at Fuel in Manchester...here for details!

...anyway, here tis...click to enlarge!

05 November, 2010

"...Scratching peace symbols in your mind..."

It seems like forever ago when I drew this, but it's finally out there in the ether...DEATH FROM ABOVE...go buy...

Thanks to Nick at Death and Mr Allen for letting me do my thang...

...right, I need to get back to drawing naked acid damaged hippy chicks...eat 'shrooms not animals...P-E-A-C-E.

03 November, 2010

"Embarrassed to be alive..."

...this fella keeps poppin' up in my sketchbook...thought I'd share him...maybe he has a story to tell?

Aaaaand Issue-Zero of TINNITUS can now be found in the following fine emporiums:

35 West Bars

11 Theatre Yard

Bardwell Rd

1 Nether Edge Road

89 Abbeydale Road

53 Howard Street

Third Floor
Afflecks Palace

62 Port Street

There are also 100 copies winging their way to Japan right now...If you know of a shop/gallery/cave that'd take a stack, get in touch...or if you want one for yersen, go

25 October, 2010

TINNITUS issue zero OUT NOW!!!

I am pleased to announce that the premiere issue of TINNITUS is ready and waiting for your viewing pleasure!

Issue ZERO is a FREE A5 4-page comic, acting as a sorta preview of what to expect from future issues of TINNITUS...it features a few short strips...
crap jobs, awkward dates, hopes dreams & schemes...and is printed on 120gsm paper...hand numbered and signed edition of 1000.

You can click
here to get a copy (it is FREE, but you gotta pay for the stamp & envelope!)...(if you don't have paypal, email me and we'll sort something out).

...or, I will be dropping them in selected (read "anywhere that'll let me leave 'em") shops/galleries/places around the place...so if you're lucky enough to see it sat somewhere in real life...JUST PICK ONE (or 50?) UP...IT'S FREEEEEEEE!!!

At the moment, there are piles sat in
PURL GALLERY and GOOD GRIEF (both in Manchester)...and SLUGGER SKATE SHOP (in Chesterfield)...I'm hoping to hit the road this week and leave some around the country...just get in touch if you want some!

16 October, 2010

Now in terrifying 3D!

Seeing as Knit & Destroy is 'going to the movies' next week (see post below)...I thought it only fair to drag the flyer illustration kicking and screaming into the terrifying space we know as...the THIRD DIMENSION!!! So grab your 3D specs cuz it works a treat! (Probably best to click the image and see it in it' fullsize glory!)

...And in other news...It was my dear ol' Dad's birthday last weekend, for which I drew him this slammin' can of Cooney's Brew...Extra Strength of course!!!

Oh, and TINNITUS issue zero is pretty much ready to print...so it should be with you real soon! So while you wait...why not sit back, relax and let Mr Banhart tell you how I feel...

04 October, 2010

KNIT Conquered the World!!!

I was lucky enough to be asked to illustrate the poster for the opening exhibition of a new contemporary craft and textile gallery in Manchester...PURL...which is set to open on October 22nd...the gallery is located within PURL CITY YARNS which is also opening on the same day...

The exhibition itself is also the debut solo exhibition of the Knit-tastic KANDY DIAMOND of KNIT & DESTROY fame........

So lots of debuts all rolled into one...check the details on the poster and GET YOURSELVES DOWN (or UP!)!

Illustration by yours truly...text/layout by PurlCityYarns...
(click it to see it BIGGER and in a lovely new window)

27 September, 2010

"...I don't want to complain, but i find the world insane..."

I've started work on the cover for ISSUE ZERO of TINNITUS...which is, for those who haven't read the posts below, a comic drawn and soon to be released by, me...

Here's a little sneak at a panel from one of the strips...
(click it to see it bigger)

16 September, 2010

06 September, 2010

"An early morning walk is a blessing for the whole day..."

As mentioned a few moons agon in the very first utterance on here, I've had some board graphics in the pipeline for Death Skateboards for a little while...well, the first one is now OUT..........and I am S-T-O-K-E-D!

Zarosh - LOG OFF (click it to enlarge)

Now do yourself a favour and get off the internet and go outside...

03 September, 2010

"OD'd on Life Itself..."

(click it to see it bigger if you wish)

Brought to you by the addictive sounds of (the) Blue Oyster Cult...

21 August, 2010

Sometimes, you just sit and see what comes out...

(...there's got to be a story in there somewhere?!...answers on a postcard...)

13 August, 2010

"Get Loose, Get Loose, Get Loose...BE FREE!"

Greetings t'y'all...on this, Friday...the 13th day...
Sketchbook spooks ain't afraida no dayum bad luck...
...but they may be a little hard of hearing...especially after witnessing the mighty Black Oak Arkansas at California Jam...who these words and pictures were struck down to you by...

06 August, 2010

"I'd rather be a Gypsy..."

As mentioned a few weeks ago, I've been working on a comic lately...something I've often wished myself to do...but never quite got there...but this time I think it might just turn into a (hopefully not shitty)reality...

ISSUE ZERO of TINNITUS should be with you soon...

These words and (single)picture were brought to you by
the Mamas & the Papas...

30 July, 2010

"Freak out in a moonage daydream..."

More sketchbook shenanigans...

(click on it if you wish to see it bigger...and also in a NEW window! WOW!)

These words and pictures were swept into your world view by Suburban Lawns.

25 July, 2010

To Whit...To Whit......To WHO...?

Sometimes, it's the simplest of things that remind you why you do what you do...

So, whether it's a 2 minute strip of a kid drawing his teacher's boobs...

(click to it get a closer look)

...or a quick chalk up of a wise old owl smoking a big fat bowl... (click it to get a closer look)

...I think one of the main reasons I draw...is to amuse myself...

These words and pictures were peacefully protested to you with a little help from Joan Baez.

19 July, 2010

"There's a black smoke rising Lord..."

I've been busy the past couple of weeks helping the wonderful SugarPaper'Zine do yet a few more things...namely...

...Cover illustrations for their "A pocket-book guide to..." series which they have just made (you should be able to buy them in their
shop pretty soon...).

Covers baby!

(click to get a better look)

Clockwise from topleft:
"I am Sew Cool!" (a pocket-book guide to...sewing.)
"Life's a Stitch!" (a pocket-book guide to...cross-stitch.)
"Show me your Knits!" (a pocket-book guide to...knitting.)
"Get Knotted!" (a pocket-book guide to...embroidery.)

...Illustrations inside said guides to accompany the tool lists and instructions...

Where's your TOOL?!
The screenprinting sesh mentioned in my previous post was also a success...

Bags o' Bags!

...they too should be available on the SugarPaper shop pretty soon too...you could keep checking their news-page as well.

Those of you who are avid readers of
Knit & Destroy will no doubt have read that I am working on a comic...(most probably) called TINNITUS...more soon!

These words and pictures were mainlined to you with the aid of
Spacemen 3.

02 July, 2010

"Go to her..."

The new Knit & Destroy website (which I had a big albeit prehistoric layman hand in creating) is now up...go there now...I also illustrated (and stuck together) this ad for K&D for the new issue of NudeMagazine, which relaunches next week...go buy it when it comes out...


(click it to get a better look)

Supa-knitta Kandy (aka Knit & Destroy) is also one half of the SugarPaperGang who put out ubercraftzine...SugarPaper...well anyways, this weekend the SPG are coming over for a screenprinting party (just think TV Party by Black Flag, but with "screenprint" instead of "TV"...works a treat! Holy shit...I've never seen that video...chills on spine...check! Now where's my beer?!?!), where we're all gonna knock out some hand-screened SPG bags for the masses...fotos next week!

These words and pictures were flown to you on the wings of Jefferson Airplane...

24 June, 2010

It's taken a while...but here it is...

...a place for those of you who wish to know...

Here are two graphics I drew recently for the most excellent Consolidated Skateboards...holding it down in Norcal hippy burnout haven SantaCruz...

(click to make em bigger)

Those of you in the know will no doubt know that the yellow one is based on the Gadsen Flag...and if you didn't know...go do some reading...

I've also got some graphics coming out soon(ish) on the trend bucking Death Skateboards...one for Monterey's favourite Sun(sic) Zarosh...and one for UK vertvet Dave Allen...I'll post 'em up when they're actually released...I can't wait...cheers Nick...

Staying with skateboarding...I've got a short story in the latest issue of Sidewalk Magazine as part of a Ravenous article...here it is...

(click it to read it)

These words and pictures were brought to you by the sweet sounds of John Fahey...until next time...