20 May, 2015

A painting from last week...

"Camping at the end of time"
Acrylic inks on watercolour paper
12 x 8"
(click it to get closer)

A painting from last year...

"The Hunters"
11 x 16"
Acrylic inks on watercolour paper
(click if you wanna see it a bit closer up)

Natas and Gonz Book - Original Art for Sale

I'm selling my original art for the #NatasandGonz book, which came out earlier this year (see previous post to see how they sit in the book)

Get 'em HERE (along with more details)

I also have a couple of copies of the book for sale (with bonus stüff obviously).

 'My God Rides a Skateboard'
Ink, pencil and White Gouache on Bristol Board
297mm x 420mm

'Gonz's Eyebrow & the Sunset Carwash in "Been Down So Long"'
Ink, Blue pencil and White Gouache on Bristol Board
297mm x 420mm

17 February, 2015

The Natas & Gonz Book

A few months ago Ed Syder put out the idea of creating 'The Natas & Gonz Book - an illustrated tribute to Natas Kaupus and Mark Gonzales', the book being made up of illustrated/drawn homages to those two legendary skaters.  I jumped at the chance, and am pretty stoked to have two single page comic strips in there, alongside some top notch artfolk.  The first edition came out two weeks ago, and sold out straight away, the second edition is available to pre-order now.  Here's the cover, and also how my pages look...I'll post my strips here in a while (give the folk who buy it a chance to have something all of their own for a wee bit).  Oh yeah, it comes with a coupla sheets of stickers!

04 February, 2015

(Snippets of) the last 6 months...

Some illustration things I've done over the last 6 months (yes, it seems I've been neglecting this webhole of mine lately)...
Patrick Melcher pro-deck on Death Skateboards

'Cosmic Slop', inks on bristol, 11x17"
for a beer label exhibition at Hop Hideout, Sheffield
A colour me in page in issue 14 of Sugar Paper Zine
which was Twin Peaks themed...

26 June, 2014

Le Bike, Le Beer, Le Tour

The Tour de France kicks off next weekend in Yorkshire, and happens to roll through Sheffield.
The good folk at Hop Hideout (Sheffield's best speciality beer shop) asked me to paint up their windows to commemorate the event...et voila! (I didn't do the middle one)
Cheers to Will and Julia at Hop Hideout.......now go buy a tonne of quality brew from them!!!

07 March, 2014


This issue:

HUNGER: 20 page story about a hermit's hunting trip which soon descends into psychedelic calamity and madness!

TREPAN-NATION: 10 page rhyming story about a would-be suicide who finds solace and enlightenment with a mad doctor!

Plus a coupla single page strips about the meaning of irony and tough aliens in snazzy shoes!

36 page A5 comic
Fully risographed throughout
2 colour card cover, b/w innards
signed/numbered edition of 50

All content written and drawn by me...open mind encouraged.

Get it here:


06 March, 2014

'Self Medicate' Benson deck for Death- OUT NOW!

I did a couple more decks for Death Skateboards a few months ago...this one's just been released...another still to come.  This one's for everyone's favourite Scottish stoner, Benson!
Go hassle your local skateshop!!!

 Here's the original sketchbook image, alongside the finished product.

In other news, TINNITUS comic #2 will be released later today.
Currently enjoying Morbid Angel's 'Blessed Are The Sick' b/w Bad Brains' 'Rock For Light'.

12 December, 2013

Space is the Place - "AUDREY" print now available!

I was kindly asked by Risosaurus Press to draw up an A3 print for their risograph exhibition RAWRSOME - which opened at the Old Sweet Shop Gallery in Sheffield on Dec 6th, and is up til January 31st...there's a lot of talent featured, go see it.

Here is my print..."AUDREY"...and the good news is, you can own one.
It's a 2 colour risograph print, on thick quality paper, signed/numbered edition of 50.
I have them in my shop (http://www.benjamincooney.com/2013/12/space-is-place-new-print-audrey-now.html)
or they are for sale in the Old Sweet Shop (1 Nether Edge Rd, Sheffield)

They're £20 posted (£22 outside the UK), and the first 5 orders I receive will also receive a snazzy freebie (see below).

Poster for the RAWRSOME exhibition
The first 5 orders I get will get a copy of this ^  It's something I drew a while ago that so far hasn't been used for anything...so I've made some photocopies and set to 'em with a gold pen...

Thanks fer reading...

04 November, 2013

'31 DAYS' zine - OUT NOW!!!

I took part in INKtober this year...I inked a drawing every day throughout October.
These 31 drawings have now been collected and published (by me) in a handy candy colour 'zine......'31 DAYS'
There's no specific theme (eyeballs seem to be a common occurrence mind)...pineal gods, predatory libidinous demons, moon worshippers, weed wizards, fallen rock stars, pervy kittens.......whatever my brain felt like spilling onto the page at that moment in time.

The drawings themselves can be seen HERE (just look at anything in October).

A5 zine
Black on candy coloured paper
32 printed pages plus 2 colour card cover.

The zine is £3 inc p+p (£4 worldwide), paypal to Ben.L.Cooney@gmail.com or go to my SHOP.
The original ink drawings are also for sale, all are ink on card, 150mm x 210mm...these are £10 inc p+p (£12 worldwide), please email me first with which drawing you want (they are numbered by day), just to make sure it's not already gone!
All proceeds will go towards printing ISSUE 2 of TINNITUS.

ps When they were printed the different colours of paper were shuffled up, meaning no two copies are the same!

Open mind encouraged!!! (Contains the naked human form)

03 October, 2013

'In My Headache' aka Adam Moss Death Deck out now!

Adam Moss has a new deck out on Death Skateboards, featuring artwork by...me.  Here it is:

For those interested here are some process shots:
Initial teeny thumbnail sketch

Developed the sketch into a more 'board looking' sketch

Inked all the blacks (there is a final pencil stage, but I can't find it!)

As I knew this would be coloured digitally, I decided to draw and ink the colour separations individually, in order to keep computer usage to a minimum (this is kinda how it works when something gets screen printed aka 'back in the day stuff').  These were all then scanned and assembled in photoshop.

...and here's how it looked when I'd finished.  In my head it was always gonna be 80s looking, harking back to the days of Zorlac, Brand X etc etc, and, old printed matter, which for the most part used a colour pallette made up of Cyan Magenta Yellow and blacK (different colours can be achieved by varying the opacity (see-thru-ness) of a layer and laying it over another, like the bits of purple that occur here).

Oh, the deck is called 'Headache'.  I get migraines, so that was the initial inspiration, and also the Poison Idea song 'In My Headache'.

Cheers fer looking, now go and buy the damn thing from your local skater owned shop!!!

I'm looking for a cure, but where I'm standing,
It looks like another one, nothing but bad things,Nothing but emptiness, a hit and run life wont take you nowhere,Nothing but bad dreams, a screaming image running around,Don't ask me again cause you know what I said,It hurts, in my headache, in my headache,I tell it to go away, but it plans to stay,I don't want to play dead, it hurts,My headache, my head, in my headache it fucking hurts,And everybody's fucking everyone else,Cut themselves scar their feelings put on a shelf,Then look in the mirror, see your reflection, but can you see yourself,In your head you hear, a screaming image running around.

19 September, 2013

Beating the post-holiday blues...or...sweet dreams.

...going to New York about a month ago kinda upset the rhythm here at Tinnitus HQ.  But, I think things are moving forward...here's the last coupla days.  (These are taken from my binstagram feed which you can see at http://instagram.com/benlcooney or if you yourself are a 'user', follow me yo! @benlcooney)

"ain't he kewt?!?" sketchbook

"corrective surgery before scannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnning"

 "titleblock lettering for one of the strips"

01 August, 2013


...the bass is my favourite instrument.

22 July, 2013

...getting there.

...the second issue proper of my comic 'Tinnitus' has been underway for a while, but it seems like it's nearly there.  Two more pages to pencil and ink for the main story, called 'Hunger' at this moment in time, which'll run at about 20 pages, then there's another 10 (maybe 11?) page story which I mentioned a few posts back (already inked n scanned, phew), and probably a couple of one pagers.  The cover'll probably be risograph, maybe 2 or 3 colour (still yet to draw).

Oh, and I should have another skate graphic coming out, not sure exactly when...outta my hands!

Anyway, here are some previews of the comic (which i have been posting over on instagram, at the neglect of this blog!  @BenLCooney  if you have a fancy phone)

(This last one's not from the story in the comic, it's just a one-shot spacey illustration I did fer the helluvit)

21 July, 2013

A coupla recent illustration projects...

I illustrated a whole book for Knit and Destroy, which is out now in all good bookshops...or you can do yourself a huge favour and buy it direct at www.knitanddestroy.co.uk (you get free bonus goodies I do believe!).  A pleasure to work on.  I kept the illustrations pretty simple...the products in the photographs were of course, the main focus.

I also got to caricature Knit and Destroy herself, Kandy Diamond, as she pops up throughout the book offering handy advice...she hot!

Sugar Paper Zine asked me to design a temporary tattoo for Issue 11...I said 'YES!' of course...here it is...you can buy this little slab of awesome at sugarpaper.bigcartel.com

22 April, 2013

"Well everything smells like horse shit..."

I recently did this commission.
I was pretty free to do as I pleased.
I knew: it was for someone's 30th birthday, that she was called Fran, that she has a cat, and that she dreams of owning a goat farm.
I've liked using blue lately too.
So here it is.
"Fran's Goat Farm"
Ink and crayon on bristol

Oh, I've also been working on Tinnitus #2.
I unearthed a strip I drew about a year ago, but never inked...so I inked it.
Here it is laid out on the floor of my studio.
I hope you get to hold a printed reproduction of it in the near future.

19 February, 2013

"Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death"

Wow...6 months since I last wrote here...SLACKER.  (But my day job does tend to get in the way of my mental capabilities...but, I digress.)

Firstly, THANKS to all who have bought comix lately...the Manchester Zine Fair crowd in particular.  Everything's still available for purchase at http://www.benjamincooney.bigcartel.com

So what have I been upto...well, I've been illustrating a real cool book project, that I can't really talk about until it's out, so that's enough of that.  I went to Austin, Texas and Amsterdam, you should too.  Oh, and I've started on Tinnitus #2, here's some progress shots...

...the world's OLDEST comic shop is in Amsterdam...go there!!!

 I have one of those jazzy phones now as well...so if instagram is your bag: @benlcooney